Designer Lollis: The New Trend in Lollipops 


Are you aware of the latest trend in designer candies? If not, well, here’s the latest — designer lollis! 


Designer lollis basically takes lollipops to the next level as we present to you high-end lollipop designs that you can basically use not just for licking and eating, mind you, but more importantly, you can use it as wedding bouquets, swag materials, event designs, corporate branding items, and so on. Such a lot of use for the humble lollipop right? So now, you can have lollipops in flower designs, to complete your Marvel character line-up, as a figurine of a birthday celebrant or the bride and groom and so on.  


Designer Lolli started as a pet project of Stacey Kay, an artist and mom residing in Oklahoma City. She was just working on a confectionery craft project with her daughters when she thought about creating designer lollipops. One of her daughters bought bouquets of designer lollipops to school to raise money for a project instead of the usual cake or cupcake. The lollipop was such a hit among the students and even the faculty. It was received so well that her daughter’s classmates and even teachers were asking for it as gifts for their family and friends. Other friends of Stacey who also saw her designer lollipops which she posted online were also asking her to make more.  


Due to the unexpected demand, Stacey found herself creating designer lollipops on a daily basis. Before she knew it, the demand for her lollipops ballooned. As such, Stacey converted her carriage-house garage door in Tampa FL into a workshop and kitchen for her lollipops. Now, it is not only individuals who order from her. Even companies have started using it for their events and corporate materials, incorporating their branding into the design. Perhaps one of the most creative use of Stacey’s Designer Lollis is as a bouquet for brides. In fact, this has started a trend in Oklahoma City which is now spreading like wildfire in other states and even in other countries. From very humble beginnings, Stacey now has three workshops and kitchens that supply her Designer Lollis everywhere in Oklahoma City and in neighbouring states. If you want to get in on the trend, here’s what we can offer:  


Customized Lollipops 


Do you want lollipops that will feature your brand, your very own designs, the images of the bride and groom and even of a favourite sister or birthday celebrant? We can do that for you. Just contact us, let us know what you like and we will be happy to create it for you.     


Lollipops as Giveaway Items 


We create lollipops as swag materials for your events such as birthdays and weddings and even corporate affairs with your own logo and branding. This is a great way of getting your guests to remember all the fond memories of your event as they lick our lollipops. Let us customize the designs for you. 


Special Lollipops 


We oftentimes come up with wonderful designs of lollipops. Just browse our gallery for the latest designs.