Take a lick of our wonderful Designer Lollis. They are not just beautiful, they are also incredibly wonderful to taste and lick.  


Designer Lollis is a pet project of Stacey Kay, an artist and mom. While its humble beginnings have already been described on the homepage, it must be noted that Stacey is a veritable artist. But her art is really concentrated on creating baked goods and confectionaries, as can be evidenced by how Designer Lollis developed. Stacey never had formal training as a confectioner but she comes from a family of bakers. Her family used to own an artisanal bakeshop in Oklahoma City that was very popular for its chocolate cakes.  


Stacey’s forte is really creating new things from ordinary everyday products. She is very good in transforming them into works of art. One time, she created a big bear from cupcakes, in tribute of the championship of her daughter’s school basketball team. The bear was the team’s mascot. One time, she also created a miniature of her husband’s boss from cookie dough, as a gift for his birthday. You can say that whenever you give Stacey a project, she will be able to execute it really well with her artist’s eye.  


This is the reason why Stacey’s business is really thriving and why she has gotten a lot of orders from companies for their corporate swag items and events. Her creations are masterpieces and create a lot of buzz, piquing the interest of people and generating additional media values. So if you want to generate your own buzz, why not pick out Designer Lolli? Stacey and her team will make sure that we do not only cater to your request, we will exceed your expectations too. Just send us an email and we will take care of the rest.