You may have further questions on what Designer Lolli is all about. Feel free to learn more about us through the most frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


What is Designer Lolli? 


Designer Lolli is the brand for designer lollipops created by Stacey Kay, a mom and maker of confectionery and lollipop products. Designer Lolli aims to provide you with a different kind of lollipop, a new take on an otherwise regular product that is usually aimed for kids.  


What kind of products does Designer Lolli offers? 


Designer Lolli offers various types of products. There are the flower bouquets, customized lollipops, swag items, miniatures and the like. Whatever kind of lollipop products you may imagine, we can create it for you. Just contact us and together, we’ll discuss possibilities.  


What makes Designer Lolli different?  


Designer Lolli, while producing lollipops, is entirely different from regular ones. This is because we have taken your regular lollipop to a whole new level with all the different designs that we offer. It also has a lot of different uses. Who knew that now you can use lollipops instead of flower bouquets. What about giving it away as company swag materials? All these things were completely unheard of before Stacey came into the scene.  


Why should I buy Designer Lolli products?  


You can totally customize Designer Lolli products according to your needs. You can use it as your flower bouquet during your wedding, as a cake topper, as decorations for events, as swag items, as branding materials and so on. Furthermore, you only have to let us know what your vision is and we can help you out by determining possibilities for our Designer Lollis. You only have to email us and then we can start the ball rolling.