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Harry, 22 


Stacey’s designer lollis are amazing. We used it for our school events. They piqued the interest of a lot of students and really made our school club stand out. And guess what, these customized lollis are super affordable that students like us can really buy them. Thank you so much Designer Lollis.  


Marc, 32 


My wife ordered Designer Lollis for her bridal bouquets. What she didn’t know was that I secretly ordered miniatures of us that we could put in our wedding cake. When we saw it on the wedding day itself, we were so surprised by the craftsmanship. It was very detailed and intricate. If given the chance, I will do it all over again. Seeing the look of wonder on my wife’s face when she saw the lollipops was worth everything.  


Miriam, 40 


I like ordering designer lollis for my corporate events. My clients always love getting your customized lollipops. It is a unique idea and really gets the interest of people. What I love the most is the fact that I can get my clients’ logos on the lollipops themselves, making them great souvenirs and swag items. Great job Designer Lollis!  


Sam, 25 


I was one of my sister’s bridesmaids during her wedding. Instead of the usual flower bouquets, we carried a bouquet of Designer Lollis in different colors. It was so great and really a conversation starter. People were raving about it. I am pretty sure that in succeeding weddings, our friends will be getting their own Designer Lollis.